Anima Tactics 1 Day Achievement Event.

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What is a 1 Day Achievement Event?


The 1-Day Achievement Event is a unique creation of mine, designed to teach new and prospective players how to play a particular game system, in this case: Anima Tactics.  1-Day Achievement Events (or leagues as they are sometimes known as) is different than your standard demo or open play days, yet they aren’t competitive tournaments. Over the course of the day, players are encouraged to play as many games as possible in an “exploratory” manner, with a prize at the end for players who earn the most achievements, have the best painted miniatures, or they might simply be the favorite opponent by the other folks in attendance. Therefore the emphasis is on really learning and exploring the game, the hobby, and making new friends, as opposed to just racking up wins.


This concept often runs contrary to the status quo of “Learn a game by getting stomped to death over and over until you quit or learn” with the only endgame being a competitive tournament, and it’s proven to be one of the most popular event formats for our club.



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