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Mission Statement:

Play It Painted! strives to offer a world class miniature gaming experience to the greater community, through hosting public events, providing new opportunities for gaming and painting, and offering commission painting services.

What is Play It Painted?

Play it Painted! (PiP) is a group of friends and family with one overall focus: enhancing the tabletop gaming community with our comprehensive approach to miniature wargaming and board gaming.

We are passionate about the tabletop miniatures hobby. We believe that everyone has the freedom to enjoy the hobby in any manner that is not disruptive to others, and we strive to promote more gaming and painting opportunities to as many people as possible. We believe that introducing new people into the hobby can only strengthen and diversify the community surrounding it.

We believe that collecting and enjoying miniatures is an important part of the hobby, and that painted miniatures can only enhance the gaming experience. While we understand that painting may not be for everyone, we do our best to encourage people to try it out, as the aspect of miniature painting is a hobby and a joy unto its own, and we would not want to omit the experience from any new players that might be too intimidated to try. For those who enjoy owning and playing painted miniatures but lack the time, interest, or resources to paint, we offer our commission painting services for miniatures and games we ourselves enjoy painting.

We  believe that the best painted miniatures are the ones whose owners enjoy them the most, and that any other criteria to rate or categorize the quality or style of painting will always be subordinate to the former. We also believe that painting miniatures with the intent of playing them on the tabletop can be an enjoyable experience that is considerably less daunting with a bit of education and perspective.

We believe that gaming itself can likewise be enjoyed at any level of competition/casual, so long as all parties involved reach an understanding of expectations prior to play. We believe that healthy attitudes towards painting and gaming is more important than skill in either.

We believe that good people are the key ingredient to good hobby experiences, and it is our mission to seek out as many good people as possible to introduce the hobby to.



Tabletop gaming has been a life-long passion for all of us here at Play It Painted. To call it a hobby really isn’t doing it any justice for us. Tabletop gaming has seen us grow from children to adults with children, it has given us lifelong friends, comforted us when we have been down, and supplied us with some incredible memories. It has captivated both halves of our brains simultaneously. This unique experience where art meets strategy meets craftsmanship meets mathematics continues to inspire us every day, and we intend to share that inspiration with the world around us.

There was a time in our lives when we were not painters, and not gamers, and someone or something came along and triggered that section of our DNA that screamed “THIS IS YOU! THIS IS WHAT YOU DO!” Our goal is to help others reach that same moment for themselves.

Our first Relic Knights tournament at Strategicon: Gateway in Los Angeles


Our varied activities manifest with the singular goal of outreach. This includes but is not limited to: running game demonstrations, hosting tournaments, hosting special events, and hosting painting days. We host these events in our Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS), gaming clubs, and other public places that host gaming.

We also host gaming events at many of the local conventions, both dedicated to gaming, or other conventions dedicated to fandoms such as anime’, fantasy, sci-fi, or comic books. Over the years we’ve found hosting gaming at “non-gaming” conventions to be very rewarding, as this is our opportunity to present the hobby in a positive light to those who have not yet discovered it.

A big part of PiP hosting gaming for others is to present our experience with a favorable aesthetic to help draw the players into the world they are experiencing during a game. We feature fully painted miniatures for game demonstrations and often loan out fully painted miniatures for special events. In addition we often feature custom built and painted terrain on which to experience these games. We also strive to teach people how to enjoy this aspect of the hobby by teaching them to paint, whether live in person or over streaming video media.

“Cult of Kali” company for In Her Majesty’s Name, painted by Phill “El Guapo” Howard.


We understand that not everyone will enjoy painting, and not everyone will be physically able to paint their miniatures. This is why we also run a commission painting service for those who wish to “Play it Painted!” Customers can submit miniatures for games PiP supports to be assembled and painted to a reasonable tabletop standard at a surprisingly fast turnaround, at competitive pricing.


 Who is Play It Painted?

Team Play It Painted! running games at San Diego Comic-Con 2014


Play It Painted consists of 3 partners, “The Ebonstar”, “The Heretic” and “El Guapo”, and a corps of volunteers and friends who join us at our events.

Each Partner is a member of our commission painting team and a GM for one or more games. In addition to hosting events and painting, the Partners set the direction for the team, they handle convention team coordination (aka they run shows), and they develop promotional tools in addition to specialized events for the PiP brand.

In addition to our 3 partners, Play It Painted! features a volunteer corps of GMs, promoters and event hosts, and maybe one day more painters as well. PiP is always looking for reliable, energetic, and passionate people to join us on our convention teams and store/public events.

Interested in joining the team? Email with your inquiry!
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Finished the Royal Guards today. Hope they look ok. I'm still new at this but I am enjoying it. Next, Probes and Darth Vader. ...

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Started speed painting Rising Sun. First up- pink ninjas! #cmon #risingsun #risingsunboardgame ...

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