Extra Life 2016 Campaign: The Vault is Open!

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Hi folks!

Extra Life 2016 is well underway and well…I jumped into the fray much later this year. It might have a little to do with this new addition to the household! Thanks to everyone who donated in year’s past, and thanks in advance to those who will continue to support us this year!


So this year’s campaign will be slightly different than previous years. We set an initial goal of $200 with a promise of opening “the vault” if this was to be reached before the official November 5th event. Well…we made it thanks to a handful of early donors and a big donation from our paint day host Comic Quest.  If you are local to the Southern California/Orange County area, please check out our local event for participation.

If you can’t make the local event, don’t worry! You still have access to the vault raffles!

If you donated to the campaign prior to November 3rd, you don’t really have to worry about individual raffles, you are already in them! However, you may supplement your entries at any time simply by donating more to individual raffles at a discounted rate of 1 entry per $5.

If you are donating  on or after November 3rd, you may enter raffles individually at a rate of $5/entry, or for the best value, donate $25 to be entered in all vault raffles. Specific info for each raffle will be posted on our Facebook page and updated here, so be on the lookout there for more info.

The new goal is set for $500, at which point, I’ll be raffling off my painted Castellan to everyone who helped get us there. Stay tuned on the facebook page for updates on its painting.

Some of the items to look forward to in the vault include:

  • Limited Edition Infinity Bounty Hunter
  • Limited Edition Relic Knights Wildspace Gabe and Codifier Brahe
  • Limited Edition NIghtmare Teddy (metal) from Malifaux
  • Super Dungeon Explore Kunoichi Candy miniature
  • Knight Models Batman the Animated Series Miniature

And more!

Thanks again for supporting us once more for Extra Life 2016. This charity carries significant importance to me as a now a two-time dad and a gamer. Your generosity is a big part of what makes gaming such a great community to be a part of.




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