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How to be an Extra Life 2017 Supporter

Fourth year in Extra Life

For the main Extra Life 2017 Campaign info, start here.

Our Extra Life 2017 Campaign is chock full o prizes, and while the best way to get in on it is to donate to the campaign,  there are still ways you can help us achieve our goal and win some of that sweet swag outside of monetary donations. So while our ultimate goal is fundraising for these worthy Children’s Miracle Network hospitals (CHOC specifically in our case), you can help us simply by increasing our reach and online presence. It’ll be fun too! Let’s look at some of our online goals:

  1. Get to 500 Likes on our Facebook Page

For each person who liked our page between July 2017 and December 2017, you will be entered for a swag bag- a Play It Painted! patch and a set of Play it Painted dice to be awarded once we hit 500 likes or December 31st, whichever comes first.

2. Get to 50 Followers on Twitch

Once we hit 50 followers on Twitch, each follower will be entered into a drawing for a swag bag- a Play It Painted! patch and a set of Play it Painted dice to be awarded once we hit 50 followers or December 31st, whichever comes first.

3. Get to 2,000 subs on Youtube

Once we hit 2,000 subscribers on Youtube, we will hold a special give-away for folks who have left comments in our Extra Life live-chats/comments section and subbed to the channel between October 2017 and December 31 2017.

Come and watch us paint and play!


To show your support, SHARE our social media and come watch our live painting and gaming! Leave a like and a comment and it will increase your odds of winning. Thanks for your support!

Extra Life 2017 Ninja All Stars Clan Box raffles

Great news extra lifers! Our friends at Ninja Division have donated some fantastic prizes for our Extra Life campaign!

Ninja All Stars Prize Support is here!

See the main campaign info here.

As we head into the final stretch of our Extra Life 2017 campaign, we will be raffling off clan boxes both online and in person at our local event.

The best way to enter is to donate $5 or more to our campaign,  but there are other prizes you are eligible for just for supporting our channel online, which we will detail here.

Your donation of $5 or more grants you a single raffle entry for all 6 clans. If you donate $25 or more, you get 5 Entries into each raffle, and $50 or more grants you 15 entries into each raffle. Alternately, if you want a specific clan, simply enter the name of the clan in your comment and you’ll gain a number of entries equal to your donation ($5 minumum).

In addition, everyone donating and supporting will be entered into a drawing for a Ninja All Stars Core box!

To donate, hit the link below and don’t forget to comment on which clan is your favorite!

And if you have any questions, please email or message our facebook page.  Good luck!


Good luck!

Extra Life 2017 Event and Raffle Info

Fourth year in Extra Life

The Extra Life 2017 Campaign is here and we’re proud to be participating in our fourth year!

To donate- hit the link below!

This year as in previous years we will be holding both online and in-person raffles. The following is the up to date list of items to be raffled:

Wave 1 Online:

Batman Rulebook V.1 – Albert Tecson

Limited Edition Mist from Guild Ball – Kevin

Star Lancer from Relic Knights*

Medusa from Arena Rex*

Heath Ledger Joker Knight Models Batman – Nelson Huang

Limited Edition Tater from Guild Ball (Season 2 card)*

Ninja All Stars Generic Clan (supplied unpainted)

Kunoichi Candy and Cola – Leah Belanger

Wild Card Project: Surprise me! – I’ll paint up a mini (value up to $25) for you and send it to you- Nelson Huang

Viewer’s choice: Select the topic and possibly subject for a painting or gaming stream- Nelson Huang

Arkham Knight from Knight Models (painted)

Special Ninja All Stars Clan Box Raffles (6 Clans) Click here for specific rules.



In Person Raffles

Ninja All Stars Core Box 1

Ninja All Stars Core Box 2

Knight Models Arkham City Joker Starter Set (metal)


How do the raffles work? 

  1. Every $5 you donate is essentially one entry into a single raffle
  2. Donations of $15 or more received before October 15th are eligible for ALL raffles, but you may wish to increase your odds by focusing raffles towards a single segment or prize. If you opt to focus your raffles, you entries will double if you donate $25 or more, triple at $50 or more, and quintuple at $100 or more. So for example, let’s say you donated $50 but all you are really interested in is the Limited Edition Ancient King Miniature for Wrath of Kings. All you need to do is enter “Ancient King Only” in your comments, and you’d receive 10 x 3(triple) = 30 entries for this specific raffle, or if you donated $100, it would be 20 x 5 = 100 entries for this raffle.
  3. Prizes marked with a * have the option of being delivered unpainted and unassembled, or fully assembled and painted. Once you win that prize, I will contact you for specifics.
  4. For the youtube/Hangouts type rewards, you may opt for a private hangout instead of a public/recorded one.
  5. If you do not specify any specific items in your comments, you will be included in all raffles for which your donation is eligible for.

Finally, if you can’t make a cash donation, you can still help our campaign by being a supporter!

For any questions, email or message our Facebook Page.