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Extra Life 2014!



Play it Painted is proud to support Extra Life 2014 as a team!


Play it Painted will be hosting a 50pt Relic Knights Tournament at Comic Quest in Lake Forest on Saturday, October 25th from 11AM to 6PM, which includes some fantastic miniature sts painted by PiP! In addition several of our members including Jill from the GeekGirlWeekly podcast and Hereticofyew will be hosting live streaming of video on their youtube and Twitch feeds.

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Anima Tactics 1 Day Achievement Event.

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What is a 1 Day Achievement Event?


The 1-Day Achievement Event is a unique creation of mine, designed to teach new and prospective players how to play a particular game system, in this case: Anima Tactics.  1-Day Achievement Events (or leagues as they are sometimes known as) is different than your standard demo or open play days, yet they aren’t competitive tournaments. Over the course of the day, players are encouraged to play as many games as possible in an “exploratory” manner, with a prize at the end for players who earn the most achievements, have the best painted miniatures, or they might simply be the favorite opponent by the other folks in attendance. Therefore the emphasis is on really learning and exploring the game, the hobby, and making new friends, as opposed to just racking up wins.


This concept often runs contrary to the status quo of “Learn a game by getting stomped to death over and over until you quit or learn” with the only endgame being a competitive tournament, and it’s proven to be one of the most popular event formats for our club.



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Temporal Distortion Ray

One Day Campaign: Temporal Distortion Ray


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It has been a time-honored tradition for your adventuring company to investigate the claims of the so-called “Time Travel Technology” that someone has either discovered, invented, or stolen. By this point in time you’ve seen enough of these claims to know that the overwhelming majority turn out to be lies, scams, or even delusions, and you even recall the time a group of “scientists” claimed to have traveled time only to try and browse and replicate the attempts of other researchers. The truth- as you see it- is that if anyone does in fact possess the technology to travel time, then they don’t want anyone to know about it, especially the group you work for.


And now the group you work for has asked you to investigate another time travel incident- but coming from the powers that be, this one might actually be true. You and your company of adventurers may have heard about an incident 11 years ago, involving a researcher named Dr. Sterling and his betrothed- the Lady Emily Wilkens. Rumors suggest that Sterling was working on a spatial accelerator that might actually allow someone to shift positions along the fourth plane of dimension. However, those same rumors explain how this experiment went horribly wrong, leading to Dr. Sterling’s death/disappearance and the permanent crippling of Lady Emily. Whatever device caused this horrible accident was destroyed during the experiment, or at least that’s how the rumor went…


You employer has informed you of someone who may know the truth in all of this- an informant. Someone who may help you recover or even rebuild this device- a device which is now being referred to as the Temporal Distortion Ray. Your orders are to make contact with the informant before any of our rivals can- and gain vital information regarding this Temporal Distortion Ray.


Game Overview

Temporal Distortian Ray (TDR) is a one day campaign for In Her Majesty’s Name. Players will hire their crew to complete three different missions, and the company who progresses closest to building/using the Temporal Distortian Ray will win the day!


Missions follow a Strategy Tree format, with all players beginning at the same mission, and then branching off into different missions in the following rounds determined by your performance in the previous round. The better your company performs in each Mission, the closer they get to building the TDR!

Players will play three games throughout the day, recording VP as per each Scenario’s rules, and players are free to spend their VP betrween rounds per the “Spoils of War” rules in section 11.

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