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Aliens vs. Predator night 3: Ease down Ripley, ease down….

Tonight was a lot less hectic than last night. I found out my favorite poke’ place now serves spam musubi, so I’m counting that in the win column! I spent a lot of time with my 3 year old son and my family, and still was able to gain some ground on our project.


So tonight I queued up a dozen more models, 5 of 2 different kinds of aliens (not exactly sure what they are called, but 5 are small stalker like aliens and the other 5 seem to be more elite aliens) and a pair of Predaliens to try and refine the technique I used previously. As per usual with large projects, your techniques get better as you grow more accustomed to the miniature range, so these turned out much better than the previous set in my opinion. I’m even considering re-doing the first set so they match better. Anyway, I thought I’d take some time to show you my process for painting up the Aliens.


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Wait till I get my Skorne!!!



I don’t even know what that means. I heard it once or twice on youtube.

You see, besides the one demo I had a couple of months ago, I had never played Warmachine/Hordes. I’ve owned my Retribution army for about 3 years, but before that demo I never played it. But now that I’m working on Play it Painted!, and painting/reviewing different miniature games, I figured I’d try my hand at painting these.


Stay tuned for more Warmahordes on Play It Painted!