What is Play It Painted?



Play It Painted! is a simple concept in miniature-related tabletop gaming- meaning miniature wargames, skirmish games, boardgames, RPG’s, or any other type of game that uses miniatures. The concept is this: your gaming experience can only improve with the use of fully painted minis!


Here at Play It Painted we are dedicated to promoting this concept as well as some other objectives by simply “being” it! In other words, we can’t tell people to Play It Painted! if we aren’t painting minis and playing them ourselves.


This act of showing, doing, and being has become manifest in several endeavors, all holding true to the Play It Painted core philosophy. Our youtube channels, G+ Page, and Facebook pageĀ feature games with fully painted miniatures, and our Facebook Group, the SoCal TableTop Network helps us promote these painted up minis and their games throughout the Southern California region. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the content that we share- with the goal of helping you Play It Painted whatever you play and wherever you play!


– Ebonstar

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